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Iglesia Peregrina

Pope Francis has called all Catholics to hear the call of the Lord Jesus as an invitation of the Good Shepherd to care for the members of his flock. He reminds us this is not just the people who show up in church every Sunday. Our Holy Father has called us to get out of our churches and into the streets. We have taken his challenge literally by bringing our Catholic faith into neighborhoods; this summer will be our fifth year! This year we will visit 5 different areas in our community. Each Monday (except for the evening before the 4th of July) we will gather for a holy hour in prayer while teams visit the neighborhood and invite residents to join us for the actual Mission that Thursday night in the same spot. Whether you are Catholic and attend weekly, have only baptized, or are curious about our church, please join us and invite family and friends to come, too!

Summer Mission

Misión Parroquial

Saint John Paul II Parish

Parroquia San Juan Pablo II

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Saint John Paul II Parish

Parroquia San Juan Pablo II

Southbridge, Massachusetts

Summer Mission

Misión Parroquial

Every Monday & Thursday from June 26th to July 27th

Cada lunes y jueves del 26 de Junio al 27 de Julio

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Summer Mission Outline Programa

6:30 PM : Icebreaker/Dinámica Rompehielos
6:45 PM : Preaching/Predicación
7:15 PM : Mass/Misa
8:00 PM : Social/Compartir

Icebreaker: Each Thursday evening we will begin with an activity that will get us moving, that is hands on and helps us to get to know one another better. Last year it got most of us laughing and enjoying each other’s company from the start.

Dinámica: Cada noche del jueves, vamos a empezar con una dinámica para romper el hielo y conocernos mejor. El año pasado, muchas de estas dinámicas nos hicieron reír y disfrutar.

Preaching: The heart of each Thursday’s mission is the faith sharing that is done by our parish’s lay leaders. This is done both in English and Spanish and accompanied with the singing of familiar songs.

Predicación: El corazón de la misión de cada jueves es la predicación que la harán los lideres laicos de nuestra parroquia. Sera en español e inglés con cantos alusivos al tema

Mass: The most sacred act we can perform as a Catholic is the prayer of Jesus, His sacrifice on the Cross, memorialized in the Mass. By celebrating the mass throughout our town, our hope and prayer is to bring the blessing of God and the presence of Christ Himself into our neighborhoods and community.

Santa Misa: El acto más santo que podemos hacer como católicos es la oración de Cristo, su sacrificio sobre la Cruz, la Santa Misa. Celebrando esta misa en los barrios de nuestro pueblo, nuestra esperanza y oración es llevar la bendición de Dios y la presencia de Cristo a nuestra comunidad.

Social: Once the formal events of the night are finished, please stay for refreshments and the chance to talk with our ministers, leaders and parishioners.

Compartir: Después de los eventos de la misión, fa vor quedarse y compartir con nuestros inistros, líderes y parroquianos.

I ’ve seen some of these people at Mass, but never knew their name.”

“He visto algunas de estas personas en la iglesia, pero no conocía sus nombres antes de la misión.”

Summer Mission 2017

Misión Parroquial 2017

Dates and Locations

Fechas y lugares

26 y 29 de junio/June 26 & 29: Charlton St School Grounds

6 de julio/July 6: Los Hermanos at 101 Central St.

10 y 13 de julio/July 10 & 13: Union and Cross Streets

17 y 20 de julio/July 17 & 20: West St School Grounds

24 y 27 de julio/July 24 & 27: Brookside Terrace

Please join us!

¡Por favor comparte con nosotros! ¡Te esperamos!