Stewardship Ministries

Stewardship TEAM:Together Everyone Achieves More is responsible to foster a better understanding of the grace of our call as stewards and to encourage greater participation by our parishioners. They meet monthly. To volunteer, contact Steve Brady at 508-765-9827.

Hospitality Committee: This committee will oversee the greeters and coffeeshop ministries and eventually will welcome new members, extending our hospitality as a parish to others by home visits. If you would like to be part of this committee, a friendly manner and desire to meet new people could be useful gifts. To volunteer, contact Maria Perez at 508-765-9322 or Barbara O’Malley at 508-765-8522.

Coffeeshop: On the first Sunday of every month, we invite parishioners to gather in a social setting over coffee and refreshments after Mass to develop friendship and strengthen our community. Help is needed to bake, set-up, serve & clean-up. To volunteer, contact Maria Perez at 508-765-9322.

Tithing Committee: Our parish does not use envelopes for second or special collections for needs outside of our parish. Instead, we promote the practice of tithing by setting aside ten percent of our income every week to fund parish and global ministries. This committee meets quarterly to distribute funds from the parish tithe to parish ministries and other charities. To assist, contact Lena Payant at 508-248-6335.

Stewardship Herald: This newsletter is published on a bimonthly basis to promote the practice and understanding of stewardship as a part of our Christian discipleship. Volunteers can help with writing and translating articles or other aspects of the production and distribution. For more information or to volunteer, contact Dave Goodnow at 508-347-9193.

Grounds & Landscaping: Part of our hospitality and stewardship is caring for our property. We would need three groups to take care of each campus to weed, water and care for the shrubs and seasonal plantings around our churches and other buildings. For 2014, we invite you to ‘adopt’ an area of our grounds to plant and maintain its beauty. To volunteer, contact Johanna Giovanello at 774-241-0452.

Website: Help our webmaster in keeping our internet information current and interesting. Volunteers to photograph parish activities are also helpful. Those with technology interest can help bring our parish into modern media. To assist, contact John Rawls at 508-764-6033.