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Sunday Evening Mass

Join us at St. Mary’s Church at 263 Hamilton Street for morning mass

Please pass the word to those will want to join us on Sunday evenings… Mass will be at 6 pm at St. Mary’s.


St. John Paul II Parish

Support Our Parish

Many of us do our shopping and banking on line. Some no longer even have a checkbook since everything is now done either electronically or digitally. If you wonder whether the Church has caught up to the reality of modern times, yes it has! Especially with summer travel plans, it may be difficult to contribute regularly to our parish. Yet, even if we are not here, the expenses still mount and the contribution of each parishioner counts toward a balanced budget. There is now a new format for electronic giving. Scan the code below or enter the URL address and it will take you to our parish page. Open an account with your individual, private, and personal username and password – and you control the giving! Change it, add to it, or stop it whenever you wish! Your parish still gets the benefits of your faithful stewardship. Don’t bother with envelopes again – use electronic giving and get with the times!

Special Offering Envelopes

(For those who donate electronically)

  • Assumption: August 15
  • Catholic Schools Appeal: September
  • All Saints: November 1
  • Immaculate Conception: December 8
  • Christmas Flowers: December
  • Christmas Offering: December 25
  • Solemnity of Mary: January 1

Give Your Gifts Online

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We accept WeShare Online Giving and all major credit cards.
You can also scan the QR code to be taken directly to our donation site!

Worship Schedule

All masses are at Notre Dame Church unless noted above.

Church Location

Notre Dame Church

St. Mary’s Church

St. Hedwig Church

446 Main Street

247 Hamilton Street

104 Everett Street

Southbridge, MA 01550

Vigil Mass

4:00 PM (English)

Weekday Masses

8:45 AM Monday-Friday (English)
@ Saint Mary’s Church

Sunday Masses

8:00 & 10:00 AM (English)
11:30 AM (Spanish)
6:00 PM (English) @ Saint Mary’s Church

Mission Statements

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Office Staff and Contact

The following are members of our staff who are willing to serve your needs. The extension numbers after their names are for calling the main office number. On the line following each staff member is their parish email address. Please feel free to contact us using these addresses:

Parish Staff / Equipo Pastoral

  • Mrs. Madeleine Brouillard, Business Manager (ext. 13) MaddieB.stjp2@gmail.com
  • Rev. Mr. Teodoro Camacho, Diácono
  • Sor Rosa Maria Campos, RODA, Asistente Pastoral (ext. 14) SrRosaMaria.stjp2@gmail.com
  • Mrs. Margaret Farrand, Rental Coordinator (774-318-8083) MargeF911@aol.com
  • Mrs. Pam Goodnow, Assistant Director of Music (ext 20) PamG.stjp2@gmail.com
  • Rev. Juan Herrera, Associate Pastor/Vicario (ext. 15) PadreJuan.stjp2@gmail.com
  • Mr. Matthew Hart, Assistant Youth Minister (ext 38) MattH.stjp2@gmail.com
  • Rev. Kenneth Cardinale, Pastor/Párroco (ext. 12) 
  • Mrs. Bev Loconto, Parish Secretary (ext. 10) BevL.stjp2@gmail.com
  • Ms. Antonia Martinez, Youth Ministry Administrator (ext. 19) AntoniaM.stjp2@gmail.com
  • Rev. Mr. Thomas Skonieczny, Deacon
  • Mr. Brandon Vennink, Director of Music (ext.20) BrandonV.stjp2@gmail.com

Telephone Numbers / Numeros Telefonicos